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I'm Ashleigh - founder and head honcho here at Ashleigh Jane. ​ 


Black coffee drinker, Dog lover and I am happily married with a two year old boy called Maxwell who is a hurricane and leaves a lot of mess behind him. I love to have a good laugh. Believe it or not - I was actually a tomboy until I was shipped off to boarding school and there I discovered my love for beauty and cosmetics.


After high school, I followed a career in hairdressing and makeup; I have recently introduced beauty therapy into my skill base. Now with over 11 years of experience in the industry, I am proud to be one of the most sought after bridal specialists in Canterbury - perfection is everything ​ 


Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. For me, my work is about enhancing your natural beauty. I want my clients leaving with the confidence they never thought they had. There is nothing more beautiful than confidence.

 It is not just about the outcome for me, it's about the experience. I love to ensure all of my clients learn how to look after themselves pre-and post-wedding and I enjoy offering quality beauty products that get those results. Personalised treatments can be made, ensuring every client leaves feeling confident, knowing how to enhance their features. ​ I love to do hair and makeup for any occasion, offering a mobile service which creates a more relaxing and stress-free environment.


For me, beauty is not just about the art of hair and makeup. It is about maintaining and looking after yourself from day to day. Holding a National and an International Diploma in Beauty Therapy, from The National School of Aesthetics, I have the ability to perform all your beauty services. My facial and body products are all certified organic and cosmeceutical with medicinal properties, nourishing your skin, leaving it with a beautiful glow. ​


I welcome any enquiries and offer fabulous banter.


Talk soon!

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